Nurses & HCA’s

About our Nurses and HCA’s

Our practice nurses provide a full range of services between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday by appointment, arranged at reception. They are responsible for a wide range of health matters, which include blood tests, routine and baby injections, travel advice and necessary injections, removal of stitches, dressings, and ear syringing.
They promote good health through dietary guidance, blood pressure checks and advice on smoking and alcohol. The nurses also conduct asthma, heart, stroke and diabetic clinics, and are fully trained in family planning and HRT, taking smears and teaching self breast examination.


As part of our Nursing team we have Health Care Assistants who have achieved their NVQ in health care. They hold phlebotomy clinics for patients needing blood tests, also dressings, ECGs, warfarin monitoring etc.. They also assist with minor ops.